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Advertising Submission Guidelines

We want you to look your best! Please take a few minutes to read through these specifications before starting on your ad design. Ads that are not made to spec will be returned, and you will be asked to either provide new materials.

We will be happy to create an ad for you if you do not have graphic design services available (additional charges will be incurred).



Electronic Art Submission

Finished art in electronic format can be supplied via e-mail or CD. Include proof with disc.

Only these formats will be accepted:
High resolution PDF (use "press quality" setting)
Adobe Illustrator (Mac or PC)
Adobe InDesign (Mac or PC)
Adobe Photoshop (Mac or PC)

If providing Mac files, all fonts must be converted to outlines.

If providing a high resolution PDF DO NOT use crop marks and do not downsample your images.

Name your PDF with your business name.

Remember: proofread your ad before you submit it!


Ad Sizes

Full page: 4.5 in'' (h) x 2.25'' (w) plus 0.125'' bleed all sides if desired
LIVE AREA: 4.333'' (h) x 2.25'' (w) if ad does not bleed

Key flap: 4'' (h) x 1.75'' (w) plus 0.125'' bleed top and right only if desired
LIVE AREA: 3.875'' (h) x 1.625'' (w) if ad does not bleed



Color Specifications and Image Formats

Key Karrier Envelopes are produced using 4-color process. Specify all colors in your ad as CMYK process colors.

Images need to be 300 pixels per inch at their final size. Image formats we accept are: .TIF, .JPG (saved at the highest quality setting) and .EPS (including clipping paths). All images must be saved as CMYK.

Rather than using 100% black to make a black background, use the formula 60% cyan, 40% magenta, 40% yellow, and 100% black for a denser black.

PLEASE NOTE: WEB SITE IMAGES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE! These low resolution images will provide less than satisfactory results.


Non Electronic Art Submittal

We can design your ad for you! Rough concept of ad design or content for ad is required (including colors desired if there is a preference). Any graphics needed for ad, including logo and pictures are required. Text copy that is to be in ad can be provided electronically, in Word, as a text only document, or simply typed in an e-mail. Copy may also be submitted as hard copy. If written by hand, please print.


Submit Your Ad!

E-Mail: Mail your ad to There is an 11mb size restriction.

FTP: FTP submission is available, please contact us for instructions.

U.S. Mail: Key Marketing Systems, 14430 Sharon Lane, Wichita, KS 67230


Key Marketing Systems
14430 Sharon Lane
Wichita, KS 67230

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